Goldy's Soldier-On Donations

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I am holding a fundraiser to help raise much needed funds for Soldier On.

As part of the fundraiser I am participating in the Spartan Race in the Beast Category. This category involves a 21km obstacle course and I am looking for your sponsorship to complete the course as fast as I can.

I'd love if you could make a donation to Soldier On today so our veterans and their families can receive vital support services to enable them to thrive.

Thank you!

My Updates

Race complete!!

Sunday 28th May
I would like to extend a heartfelt thankyou for all your gracious donations.

For those interested in stats took me 4h 12min to complete the beast, failed 6 of the 30 obstacles which earned me 60 burpees. But threw the 8kg ball into the "record zone" over 16m, dunno what that gets me 😄 
Did 31000 steps with 810m of vertical elevation. 

I will put the donation status through to Soldier-On next week, thanks again.

Fundraising goal update

Sunday 21st May
Thanks to the amazing donations from people, I have achieved my goal of $1000!!! Incredible.

The site gave me a notice to upgrade my goal to a higher target, so I have added another $500. 

Donations now open

Monday 15th May
Hi All the donation website is now active.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Lisa Wilton

Awesome effort Sean!! Such a good cause!


Paul Stollznow


Ben Mason


Wanda Dugdale

Good luck mate.


Josh Lees

Good work mate on achieving the donation goal.


Korey Mcgregor

You're a good man Goldy! here's the last bit of coin to get you to your goal


Neil Schiller


Trent Blinco





Goldie I wish I wasn’t the broken old man that I am. I so wanted to be there with you.


Jason Henderson

Glad to support such a great cause and a great friend



Thank you for sharing your story. Enjoy the Beast Run!!


Phoebe Hope

Crush it Goldy, we are proud of you!


Michael Bridgart


Anna Frisina


Stu W

Great cause, great effort. have fun.


Sean Goldspink