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My chosen distance target: 96km.

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Goal to Kokoda


12kms until you have conquered the length of the Kokoda Track!

I'm fundraising to support our veterans and their families

Ok I'll be honest I wasn't actually going to do this March On event. I'm just the organiser and motivator at BAE Systems I don't have to actually put my money where my mouth is right? Well actually I should and I will, so here I am. Moving to BAE Systems has opened my eyes and given me a new found respect for our Veterans. I've heard stories and met many of those who have served #Respect!  The least I can do is walk and raise money to support those who might be struggling fitting back into civilian life. So that I'm not just doing this for my health, please send me a donation, no matter the size - every little bit counts and I'll do my bit..... 96kms in March AARGH!!

Why 96kms?
Because that’s the length of the Kokoda Track which stands as a symbol of the courage and sacrifice our defence community make to keep us safe.

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I received my first donation

$75 to fund a peer support session for six veterans to reconnect with their community

$160 to fund a psychology session to help a veteran on the path to recovery

$500 to fund a Pathways networking event for 25 veterans to help them secure employment

I reached my fundraising target!

I have completed 34.8km and reached Menari in the Kokoda track!

I have completed 63km and reached Templeton's Crossing in the Kokoda track!

I have completed 72km and reached Eora Creek in the Kokoda track!

I have completed 96km, the length of the Kokoda Track!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Kat & Steve De Corso

You’re a champ! Hope you raise a bucket load Nic 💰


Brent Mcgregor

Great work Nicole. Happy that you are walking for the team :)


Liz Battista

You'll smash it !!


Rebecca Z

Great work Nicole!


Sharyn Mcguinness

You go girl


Kerry Smith


Kristy Birkett

Love your work Nic😀

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