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For every donation above $10, Soldier On would like to give you a FREE commemorative pin, in partnership with Aussies and Kiwis for ANZACs. If you make a donation of more than this amount, you will be entitled to receive one pin for every $10 donated, up to 10 pins.

After making your donation, you will be redirected to arrange delivery and your help with payment of $5.00 for postage.

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Can fund a peer support session giving three veterans the opportunity to interact in a safe and supportive environment which is often an important first step in gaining the help they need.
Can fund a psychology session with a Soldier On psychologist that can help get a veteran on the path to recovery.
Can fund a Pathways networking event giving up to 25 veterans the chance to meet with prospective employers and gain valuable workplace coaching.
I'd like to add a little extra to help cover fees.