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My target 300 kms

I'm fundraising to support mental health and our heroes

Team I have decided to take part in this year's March On with Soldier On.

Most of you will know a Veteran who is suffering from a mental health condition and if you don't then I am one of those Veterans. 

Since I set out on my journey through recovery and post Defence, I have often called on the support of Soldier On to help guide and mentor me through difficult times.

I am doing this year's March On to help raise money for those support services that can often save someone's life, because they have definitely saved mine.

I will set myself the challenge to run/walk 5km per day which I will record on strava.

Team I would like to have some fun throughout this. So if you donate more than $50 I will message one lucky person and that person can pick a distance between 5 - 15km for me to complete. 

So if you could kindly donate and support me it would be greatly appreciated.

And remember I am always here for you all. Reach out if you need.

Why 96kms? Because that's the length of the Kokoda Track to symbolise the courage and sacrifice of our service members.

Please March On with me and support my challenge, and together we can save lives.

$25 can fund a peer support session to 3 veterans, giving a safe and supportive space and an important first step in gaining the help they need.

Thanks so much for your support and wish me luck!

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$75 to fund a peer support session for six veterans to reconnect with their community

$160 to fund a psychology session to help a veteran on the path to recovery

$500 to fund a Pathways networking event for 25 veterans to help them secure employment

I reached my fundraising target!

I have completed the length of the Kokoda Track!

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Troy Knight

Hope it hurts brother


Cassidy Te Maro

For my n*gga mung ❤❤ go hard ducey


Kevin Auld

For the painting mate and well done on your efforts


Tony Perry

This is for Mung



For Mung


Andy Hughes

Outstanding effort mate


Bradley Crombie

I know you will smash this for 6!


Kevin Kovic

Cheers mate


Tony Woods


Due South Military And First Responders


Sharon Cameron


Rio Dent

Good on ya Zane!


Rob Keegan

Go hard Ducey! You're legend and you make us all proud brother.


Brody Arabena

Respect brother.


Golden Gepp

So proud of you brother!! Smash it!!


Alice Lindner

Great work Zane, you are amazing! :)


Iain Carty

Can I buy a rest day for you?


Atlanta Mcgovern

15ks on 6th of March please an thanks.


Zane Duce


Johl Mansfield

Could I just get 400m of your choice between walking lunges or burpee broad jumps


Sue Brookes


Joseph Payne

Good Luck Ducey keep up the good work up and beyond


Josh Mcgrath



Be strong Mate, I'm proud of you.


Mark Crowe

For Mung


Bethanie O’brien

Proud of you buddy! Your smashing it


Jim Behan

All the best mate you are an inspiration.


Will Carney

Well done of luck mate.



All the best for your goal brother. Put in a kilometre for me! Thank you for the opportunity allowing me to support you and other members suffering from mental health illnesses. Lace up and run Forest run😁



Well done mate


Matt Brouff

15k brother.... love ya work


Fittherapy Motivation

The crew at FitTherapy Motivation are super proud of you Zane!


Danny Westwood

Smash it Ducey! Big love


Tennyson Strong


Daniel Ledger

Awesome stuff mate, hit me up anytime you want a running buddy 👊


Timothy Ciesiolka

Go hard buddy, do a click for me too. My back is stuffed again, it'll be a long drive to Queensland for me tomorrow. Proud of you brother.



Fantastic cause..


Tanya Williams

Go JIRA God!



Run Forrest run 🏃‍♀️


Jess Lamers

You are an inspiration to us all!


Ashley Round

Great work Zane!



Well done brother, keep it up.


Sylvia Potgieter

Great work Zane! This is inspiring and I hope you achieve your goal


Melody Smith


Caitlin Dowden


Clinton Bateman

Mung would be proud of you man! Smashing it!


Enza Brullo

Supporting you all the way Zane 🇦🇺


Danuta Bezuch

You are awe inspiring Zane... love watching you grow into the beautiful human that you were always destined to become xXx


Callan Behan

On ya bro.


Riley That Skinny Dude From 2!

You are my role model !! Keep going bro !!!


Mel Irving

Keep fighting the good fight Ducey xxx


Dave Gay


Bonny Perry

Cannot thank you enough, amazing!


Bel Seidel


Tamra Chapman


Melissa Jade



Smashing it mate! Great work 💪🏼🎉