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My chosen distance target: 96km.

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You’ve conquered Kokoda!

Support my 96km challenge to save lives

This March, I am conquering 96km to support Soldier On's lifesaving mental health services and to honour our brave veterans and their families.

Why 96kms? Because that's the length of the Kokoda Track to symbolise the courage and sacrifice of our service members.

Please March On with me and support my challenge, and together we can save lives.

$37 can fund a peer support session to 3 veterans, giving a safe and supportive space and an important first step in gaining the help they need.

Thanks so much for your support and wish me luck!

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$75 to fund a peer support session for six veterans to reconnect with their community

$160 to fund a psychology session to help a veteran on the path to recovery

$500 to fund a Pathways networking event for 25 veterans to help them secure employment

I reached my fundraising target!

I have completed 34.8km and reached Menari in the Kokoda track!

I have completed 63km and reached Templeton's Crossing in the Kokoda track!

I have completed 72km and reached Eora Creek in the Kokoda track!

I have completed 96km, the length of the Kokoda Track!

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Taking the diggers seriously ...

Thursday 4th Mar
So I said to the more hursuit of my SoldierOn walking compadres this morning, let's get out and support those Diggers, Ziggy & Floyd! Didn't expect them to take me that seriously, but when they're in for a penny they're in for a pound! ... they rocked up with very muddy socks on after making a start on the newest of their trenches to thwart the enemy who has moved in next door. So our morning walk started with a quick dip in the laundry tub for those two ... Luckily we still managed to squeeze in our nearly 2km before I had to get ready for my other job ... I might need more funding for doggy shampoo at this rate ... but it's all for a great cause!!!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Sally Main

Well done Sandra - I am always happy to donate to a good cause. Great that your dogs got to keep you company for some of it too.


Maria Mosquera

Well done !!!


Wendy Ryan

Great cause, well done Sandra.


Steven Korres


Tina Walker

A valuable cause for our brave servicemen & women whose sacrifices are not always recognised.


Tara Korres


Chris Lalley

Great effort for a great cause Sandra


K Marshall

Hey Sandra, Glad to support you in this and so envious that you guys are "free" to walk about and have a normal life at this time. Cheers Kiwiroa (Kiwi)


Katie Hullock

Good luck!


Jan Sypkens


Fleur And Dan

Go Sandy


Vivienne Simpson


Tom Lewis

Great cause Sandra, good luck!


Sandra Korres