By Old Vets Stomping

I'm challenging myself to help prevent veteran suicide.

So, I'd love if you could make a donation to Soldier On today so our veterans and their families can receive vital support services to enable them to thrive.

Thank you!

Ross, Ian, and Tony

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Tuesday 19th April

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Sunday 17th Apr

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Tony Maple

Now all stompers have crossed the finish, here’s something to help you soldier on!


Lesley Raymen

Thanks Ian and Tony for a great night. Lots of laughs and thanks for sharing your story with us. Looking forward to catching up again.


Pam Lee

Thanks for sharing your stomp, you guys are legends.


Donna Bengtson

Well done, guys!



Great work Bogga and Ian. Well done.


Ross, Ian, And Tony Tony


Rob Owner

Thanks for staying


Austral Hotel, Quorn

Bar collection for you


Brett Bovey

Well done! I'm sorry we missed catching up on the trail.


Jan And Peter

Met Ian on the track yesterday, impressed by Ian and their trek. Thank you guys for your continuing service to the peoples of Australia.



Well done guys. Almost there 🏆


Lorraine Saunders

Well done to you all. What a massive effort. I’m sorry not to have the massage table there at the end!


Beverly Mercer

Fabulous effort for a great cause, have loved watching your stomp and all the interactions along the Trail


Linda Martin & Pudge


Doug Strain


Ray Martin

BZ Team. Proud of you. Fid


Martin Studdert


John Glenn


Brendan Sowry

Great work Bogger!




Simon & Amita Monterola

A great cause, and a great choice of walking trail through a few of our favourite places. Well done!


In Memory Of Gil Kelbaugh - Two Tour Vietnam Veteran


Mollydooker Wines

What you are doing is amazing, it's a very long way to walk, so good on all three of you for taking the time to raise money for such a good cause. Cheers! Sarah


Ken Ziebarth

Well done Ian, Ross and Tony. A great cause I am happy to support.


Glen Houghton

Well,done those men…


Denise Dunn

Following your journey on Facebook and enjoying the posts and photos. Keep up the great work!


Liz Barnett

Best wishes for the remainder of your stomping! Safe trekking.


Martin De Domenico

Great to see Ross, hope you're enjoying the stomp.



You guys keep on smiling while doing it tough in some pretty crappy weather. Love the cause… as a country we owe our vets so much but give them so little. That seems so heartless, and tactically fraught.


Mark & Georgia Darter

It's all downhill now to Cape Jervis! What an amazing team you are, and all for a great cause. Best wishes from your hut-bound buddies at Huppatz Hut.


Craig Meldrum

Amazing stuff guys. Great to see the journey unfold.


Sevenhill Hotel Clare Valley

Thank you to all patrons at the Sevenhill Hotel for supporting us on our journey.


B Madsen


Malcolm Rerden



Great work, great content, great to see the legs out😊 Keep going - soldier on 🥰


Lou Peryk

Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience with us all


Scott Bowman

Great work and great blokes.


Crystal Brook Golf Club

Fantastic group of guys supporting a great cause.


Mike & Ann Lovell

Ross, Ian, and Tony, keep up your fantastic trek in support of Soldier On! Thanks for you terrific Facebook posts.


Crystal Brook Rsl Sub-branch

Fantastic cause




Ian And Tam Smith

Loving the photos and the updates. Great stomping from Ian and Ross, and great backup and catering from Tony. Take care, good luck and all the best, Ian and Tam Smith



Great job guys for a most worthwhile cause👍


Bryan Fuge

Not as glamorous as the Camino but a great effort regardless Ian and Ross!


Michael Paramor

Great catching up today in Quorn. Stomp safely. Michael & Rosie Paramor


Richard Ravell

Thankyou for helping out a fellow hiker in need. Great work guys.


Stephen Youle

You guys rock! Keep up the great work for such a worthy cause. It was my pleasure to be part of your adventure!


Hawker Hotel

Hawker Hotel proudly supports these guys who are raising funds for a cause that needs everyone's help!


Annette Nelson

Keep stomping and posting please.


Lesa Ayton

Good luck and soldier on



You guys are gems!


Anthony Maple

"It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable."


Richard Ravell

Great adventure and cause, hope you achieve all your goals.


Brendan Klimek

I met Ross and Ian on the Heysen Trail, they pointed me in the right direction and shared their journey for a short while. Happy to help them help others like they helped me.


Pete Nugent

Incredible effort; so many great support services will be funded through your efforts!


Michael Evans

Met these guys at Parachilna Flinders just about to walk the Heysen Trail


Ron Tait

Good luck with the walk guys, what a great cause and even greater effort. Hats off to you Ron and Kaye


Tyson Sara

Well done team. CMAX Advisory is a proud partner of Soldier On and personally I have a deep connection to the Flinders Ranges so I am very envious of the walk you are about to do. My great Uncle Otto Bartholomaeus owned Arkaba station so kick the dirt for me there!


Shane Craswell



Your old diggers would be proud of you all.


Andrew Short

Good luck guys


Fred And Nola Quiller

Go for it boys Thanks from an old vet




Louise Rasmussen

Good stomping love Louise


Alex & Bill Talbot

You’ve got this! See you in the Clare Valley!