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Stuart and I shared a love of horror and all things Halloween and he was my biggest supporter in all my endeavours.

I have now taken up candle making and soap making of all things Halloween and as I learn to do this, I want to share these with everyone who has a love for the same so am selling the ones I am making while I learn and donating all proceeds to Soldier On in my brother's name.

Ginzel was Stuart's nickname when we were little so have decided to keep this going even though he is no longer with us as I know he would still love to be a part of this.

Thank you for supporting Soldier On and myself as we start this wonderful journey together.

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Wednesday 31st Aug
While I’m still learning the art of soap making and candle making, I’m not excited about having a house full of candles and soaps so have decided to sell them with proceeds to go to Soldier On. This is a charity very close to my heart. The name ‘Ginzel’s Goodies’ is my brothers nickname from when we were children and it was my brother’s support that got me into this in the first place. Whilst Ginzel is no longer with us, I hope his name lives on in my candles and soap and that each of them touch your heart as much as he touched mine.
Candles can be made in pretty much any colour, just ask. Soaps are limited at the moment but can be increased depending on demand. Fragrances are also limited for both to chocolate, pumpkin spice, cherry, apple and gingerbread. Again, depending on demand this can be increased.
The candles and soaps are predominantly Halloween as my brother and I loved our horror movies and he loved supporting all my ideas of making horror related items.
I look forward to working with you on the candle or your soap you desire.

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