A Postie Ride 4 PTSD

By Michael Davey

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I'm challenging myself to help prevent veteran suicide.

So, I'd love if you could make a donation to Soldier On today so our veterans and their families can receive vital support services to enable them to thrive.

Thank you!


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Saturday 18th June

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Sunday 8th May
Thank you anon, much appreciated.   :)

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Have a safe trip and hope you reach your fundraising goal


Bob Coleman



From an ex-RAN medico, wishing you safe riding


Clinton Linaker

Fantastic effort for a wonderful cause.


Glen “not Me, I’m Radar Chief” Gibson

Good luck boys, hope at least one bike makes it!


Mary-jane Toole

congrats guys - keep going!


Beth Foley

You guys are amazing. Hope this little donation helps you on your journey.


Trent Adcock

Nice meeting you mate!! Best of luck on your adventure


Jack Taylor


Joan Genrich

Safe travelling, Hope you have great success in your fundraising.


Christine Townsend

Hope you reach your target and have fun doing it 😀


Andrew Marshall (tojo)

Well done guys.


Jo Barneswhite

Praying for the team. Fantastic cause - go well dear friends 😊🙏


Anonymous Anonymous


Jim Wild's Oysters

Congratulations to you Micheal and all your crew and supporters. Doing a wonderful job for making people aware of everyone's mental health.Keep safe and keep up the good work. Jim Robyn Sally and Todd.


Michael & Nina

Look forward to following the teams journey around this wonderful county of ours


Sean Taylor

It’s amazing what you guys are doing, as a person that went through a depressing stage it was really great to hear about this


Jamie Lewis L

Awesome work a great cause.


Peter & Kerri Songailo

Supporting Dave Mace


Don Roach

Great work everyone. 👏


Izinc Pty Ltd

Thank you for all you are doing.


Glenn Wood

Excellent work!





We’ll done for what you are doing


Anonymous Anonymous



Heard you on the radio, what you’re doing sounds amazing and hope your bike gets fixed soon!


N Robertson

An amazing effort for a cause needing so much support.



Go well Champ


Roger Matthysen

Hey Mick , it's great of you & your team to help others out. Ride on guys.



Good luck


Bob And Barbara Woodrow

Best wishes for a safe ride. Hope you reach you financial goal.


Tracker 844 Crew

BZ Dr. Michael.



A great cause… enjoy & good luck!


Greg G

Keep up the good work Michael 😊


Sue Jones

Well done guys. Great cause!


Amanda Henry

Great cause, nice guy!


Peter Bartholomeusz

Travel safe Mike Great to see the adventure is finally on the road Peter & Ruth


Courtney, George And Baby Hugo


Joel Oates



Thank you. I too suffer PTSD, I too hide. Thank you


Patricia David, Unions Shoalhaven

Hi Michael Nice to meet you this morning. Thank you for bringing this important issue to the community. Have a good trip around Australia and will be watching with interest


Nigel Rowan

Thanks Mick and team for raising money for veteran mental health and well-being



Well done team, a great effort thus far. :)



Good on you Michael. A great cause. Happy riding


Liz Westlake


John Trood

Go get em. Mick.


Paul Casey

Stay Safe :)


Allison Clarkson

Thank you. I lost my husband to PTSD after we experienced a significant trauma. Anything to raise awareness, that its a strength to ask for help, not a weakness.


Paul Harrison

The six of you reflect great credit on yourselves and, by extension, those suffering.


Sean Sommer

Wishing you all the very best. Ride safe & long. I am a veteran survivor but it is never over, it always has a way of rearing its head over time. Well done to you all.


Leigh Packanen

Stay strong brother and keep fighting the good fight


Titch Thacker

Best of luck bro, about to tick up 44 years of full-time service. Our family needs this support. Whooa


Linda Mottram


Barry White


Neil Donovan


Ian And Deb Henry

We support you to finish your task Best of luck.


Stephanie Marshall


Tanya Carson


Robyn Hannan

Rhonda have a great trip. My brother has been a postie for 50 years


Shirley Clarke

Rhonda and team Have a great trip ....and have fun



Safe traveling



Congratulations... here's to a safe, fun and blessed trip, as well as achieving the goal of the trip of raising awareness and funds for Soldier On and awareness of PTSD in veterans.