Soldiering on Newcastle to South West Rocks

By Daryl Weavers

After 5 years of touring and fundraising with Tour de Cure, I've decided to take a step back to the start of my career (I joined the Navy having just turned 16) to help raise much needed funds for our veterans and their families

On April 3, myself and some like minded friends will be riding some 400+km over 4 days, from Newcastle to South West Rocks to help raise much needed funds for Soldier On.

Us veterans wrote a blank cheque to the country we love and left home to serve in many ways, on the sea, on the land and in the air. Some were in conflict, others were providing key support roles, we are all one family!

Not enough is done to support our veterans, I'm hopeful that by raising awareness and funds that the future may be brighter.

A recent media story told us how there was limited integration of sports men and women back into the community, the same has been happening to veterans since wars began, we were lucky to get a piss-up and were sent on our way....

Lets support the real heroes!!

I'd love if you could make a donation to Soldier On today so our veterans and their families can receive vital support services to enable them to thrive.

Thank you!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Daryl Weavers


Logikal Health

I’ve been hesitating to donate this week…mainly cause I’ve been slavishly working the office, while you’ve evidently being swanning around the ski fields! But, you’re persistence in helping others needs support! Good stuff!


Andrew Hall

Your a hero bro, helping others without reward is one of our highest callings, you do this type of thing time and time again, best wishes


Brett Colefax

Good luck for the ride & I hope the road gods are gracious. It's a great cause, so well done.


Daryl Weavers - Safety Unlocked