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My chosen distance target: 96km.

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Goal to Kokoda


You’ve conquered Kokoda!

Support my 96km and up challenge to save lives

This March, I will be attempting to complete the March On challenge with Soldier On. Sort of.

The target distance of the challenge is 96km to be completed over the month of March and was selected as it represents the length of the Kokoda Trail.

However since Kokoda is not really a name associated with 'flat' I had decided to also climb the stairs below Light's Vision in North Adelaide 166 times to represent the height of 2490m and the highest point on the Trail at Mount Bellamy.

Please March On with me and please March On with Soldier On. Soldier On will use the funds raised to ensure our Australian veterans have support and assistance in any times of difficulty. 

Thanks so much for your support and wish me success!

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$75 to fund a peer support session for six veterans to reconnect with their community

$160 to fund a psychology session to help a veteran on the path to recovery

$500 to fund a Pathways networking event for 25 veterans to help them secure employment

I reached my fundraising target!

I have completed 34.8km and reached Menari in the Kokoda track!

I have completed 63km and reached Templeton's Crossing in the Kokoda track!

I have completed 72km and reached Eora Creek in the Kokoda track!

I have completed 96km, the length of the Kokoda Track!

My Updates

End of the Month

Thursday 1st Apr
Hey Supporters,

Month is over. I managed 161.7km out of my target of 96 and 181 stair climbs out of my goal of 166.

Every day has been leg day and it has been a challenge but overall I am reasonable pleased with what I have done.

Now sponsor me some more!!!! Still need another $200 odd before the cut off in two weeks! CASH OUT PEOPLE! :D

Half Way!

Monday 15th Mar
Hey Fans.
We have hit the 15th and are basically at the half way mark.

So how are we travelling? Well for walking I am currently just over 72km, placing me about 8 days ahead of where I need to be. At this stage I am still trying to work out if I push onto Buna-Goa, or turn around at Kokoda and start walking back.

My stair climb have also been going 'reasonably' well. Currently I are on a total of 76 out of the required 166 which makes me one climb ahead of the curve. Climbing each day has been a bit tricky, but fortunately the weekends are allowing me to binge and keep safely on the curve.

Week 1

Friday 5th Mar
Hey Fans,

4 days to report on so far.

The walking is fine. Currently on just over 17km putting me a full day above par. The stair climbs on the other foot... well... I am doing them. I have 15 completed, but should be at 21, so over a full day behind.

Long weekend coming up so should be able to binge.

Week Minus 1

Sunday 21st Feb
Okay Kids,
One more week of making excuses and denial and then we formally get cracking.
In answer to the quesitons? From the sub box to the wing line. You all know what that means.
So I have gotten and tested a phone ap for the distance and had a few test climbs of the stairs. Still a bit nervous about the stair challenge but unless I get a string of really bad weather the 3.1km per day should not be a problem.


Thank you to my Sponsors


Darren Harris


Darryl Bosch


Craig Simms


North Adelaide Physio & Sports Injury Clinic

Congratulations on your hard work and conquering Kokoda! It’s been a pleasure duct-taping you back together.


Hk & Mj Simms

4th time lucky...


John New

Every success with your challenge my friened




Lionel Frost

Onyer Craig!


Graeme Williamson


David John Martin

Excellent Work Craig. Thanks Dave


Bruce Brodie



Simon Olesen

Go the crab, how far will be done sideways?


Andrew Reed

You can do it Craig


Damian Goldney

Well done Craig!


Dave Price


Duncan Ball


Scott Brookes

Good luck mate


Rob Nathan

Well done Craig.


Mark Starkie

Great cause, good luck Craig!


Stefan Evertz

You can do it! Good luck!


Sauvik Podder

Great Job Craig, well done!


Paul Chambers

Run Simmsie Run.



Congratulations and well done Craig!


Luke Demetriou

Well done mate


Andy Thornton

Good work man!

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