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Vested for a Cause 2021

I'm challenging myself to help prevent veteran suicide.

So, I'd love if you could make a donation to Soldier On today so our veterans and their families can receive vital support services to enable them to thrive.

Thank you!


Vested for a Cause 2021

Teams Mission


Veteran suicide is becoming more and more prevalent over the past years and now is our chance to show our support in stopping it!

The rate of suicide of ADF ex-service men from 2002-2018 was 21% higher than the national male average, and 127% higher for ex-serving females.



Our plan for our team is to wear a 10kg weight vest for a month (continuously) to raise awareness for PTSD for returning servicemen and women. Only removing the vest to sleep and shower. The Vest will be shared amongst our team players to support the load each of us must carry.

Idea behind the vest it to simulate the load returned service personnel still carry with them once returning home. The weight of PTSD.

With your help we hope to raise money for support in donations to Soldier ON, every bit counts. Fundraising funds will be shown on each teams page and also go towards the grand total Vested for a Cause fundraiser page target of $10,000.



Show you support for us and help us give back to those who have signed on the dotted line for the sacrifice they have given to protect us, our country and our beliefs. 

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Wednesday 01st September

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My Updates

Day 30!!! WOOHOO!!

Thursday 30th Sep
YAY! The day has finally arrived where we return the vest to Lachie Woolford, organiser of Vested for a Cause Narrabri. Kate Clancy wore the vest again today, see below for a cool trick with Mate bowing.

Day 29

Thursday 30th Sep
Kate Clancy of K Clancy Horsemanship took the baton from us for the rest of the month. She was seen today doing some trick training with one of her performance horses 'Mate' (pictured).

Day 28

Thursday 30th Sep
The rarest of sights appeared briefly today, with John wearing the vest for some parts throughout the day (Ellie picked up the slack in between)

Day 27

Thursday 30th Sep
Jake scored the vest again today, with a few in field call outs.

Day 26

Thursday 30th Sep
Ellie wore the vest around the garden again, prepping for the upcoming warm weather.

Day 25

Thursday 30th Sep
John must not get along with the vest very well, as Kim was spotted wearing the vest again today! 

Day 24

Thursday 30th Sep
Josh Campbell of Bell & Johnson Solicitors took the reigns with ease today. Thank you Josh!

Day 23

Thursday 30th Sep
Kim wore the vest again today - we couldn't find anyone else foolish enough to wear it today.

Day 22

Thursday 30th Sep
We managed to convince Ken Gordon from G Cool Spring Water to wear the vest today.

Day 21

Wednesday 22nd Sep
Continuing with the theme of "sharing the love", Narrabri's illustrious leader, Mayor Ron Campbell wore the vest today, spreading the word for a great cause.

Day 20

Wednesday 22nd Sep
Two thirds of the way there today, and we are sharing the love this week. Today we convinced the Director of Aquatech Consulting, Jim Purcell to join our challenge and wear the vest for the day. Thank you Jim!

Day 19

Wednesday 22nd Sep
Ellie threw the vest on today, for a lazy Sunday around the house.

Day 18

Wednesday 22nd Sep
Jake wore the vest again today for another busy Saturday

Day 17

Friday 17th Sep
Ellie wore the vest for the majority of today (Kim relieved during Lunch and early afternoon, before handing it back). Now out of lock down, Lachie dropped in for a chat and a photo.

Day 16

Friday 17th Sep
Kim again today! Kim soldiered on, serving at the counter for the majority of the day! 

Day 15

Friday 17th Sep
Halfway through our challenge and Ellie wore the vest again today, running up and down the shop putting stock away and serving customers.

Day 14

Friday 17th Sep
The vest ended up in the workshop today with Jake, he spent most of the day repairing pumps.

Day 13

Monday 13th Sep
Kim scored the vest again today, in amongst the chaos that is Monday's, another pallet of salt was unloaded along with a pallet of firefighter pumps and a pallet of pool Robots. 

Day 12

Monday 13th Sep
Ellie wore vest in yard helping her dad plant vege patch and fix bore pump and solenoids

Day 11

Saturday 11th Sep
Kim scored the vest again today. 

Day 10

Friday 10th Sep
John finally stepped up to the plate, and wore the vest for a full day today, alongside the extra few kilos he always has…

Day 9

Thursday 9th Sep
Kim's turn again today. 

Day 8

Wednesday 8th Sep
Starting our Second week strong so far, Ellie wore the vest today.

Day 7

Tuesday 7th Sep
Jake wore the vest again today, huge stock intake day 7 pallets unloaded, including pallet of salt. 

Day 6

Tuesday 7th Sep
Jake wore vest for Monday 6th.

Day 5

Tuesday 7th Sep
Kate Clancy (K Clancy Horsemanship) joined the Barden Pump team and wore the vest for Sunday 5th September

Day 4

Monday 6th Sep
Ellie wore vest all day today. She even mowed the paddock with it on, as well as racking up 16,000 steps from a busy Saturday morning, and an afternoon in the garden.

Day 3

Friday 3rd Sep
Jake was tired and only lasted till 10am. Ellie has worn vest for remainder of day. 

Day 2

Friday 3rd Sep
Jake wore the vest for whole day and wore it home. 

Day 1

Friday 3rd Sep
John wore the vest for the morning then passed it on after Chiro visit at Lunch to Kim who then passed it to Ellie at 4pm who wore it for remainder of the day. 

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