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My chosen distance target: 96km.

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Goal to Kokoda


You’ve conquered Kokoda!

We are fundraising to support our veterans and their families

Myself, Adam, Brandon and Sarah are taking on the March On with Soldier On Challenge to honour our past war heroes and help our modern-day veterans by committing to walk 96kms EACH this coming March.

Why 96kms?
Because that’s the length of the Kokoda Track which stands as a symbol of the courage and sacrifice our defence community make to keep us safe.

In doing this, we need your help with a donation so Soldier On can continue to provide vital support services to the selfless service men and women, and their families, who have done so much to serve our nation.

Every dollar you donate to our page will go to directly to Soldier On and you will automatically receive a tax-deductible receipt via email as soon as you have made your donation.

So, please support us while we March On with Soldier On. Wish us luck as we set out to do our bit for our brave veterans!

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$75 to fund a peer support session for six veterans to reconnect with their community

$160 to fund a psychology session to help a veteran on the path to recovery

$500 to fund a Pathways networking event for 25 veterans to help them secure employment

I reached my fundraising target!

I have completed 34.8km and reached Menari in the Kokoda track!

I have completed 63km and reached Templeton's Crossing in the Kokoda track!

I have completed 72km and reached Eora Creek in the Kokoda track!

I have completed 96km, the length of the Kokoda Track!

My Updates


Tuesday 30th Mar
Well Week 4 is almost done and we have all managed to complete at least 96 Kilometres, with a couple just scraping in!  Great effort considering work commitments and shift work!  Totals as follows:
Babs = 137 k's
Brandon = 105.78 k's
Adz = 97 k's
Sarah = 97 k's

Ducks having a shower on our local lake

Wednesday 24th Mar

Week - 3 Done

Monday 22nd Mar

Week 3 of our 96 km challenge done! Update:

Babs= 16.25 kms.  Total so far 115.22 kms! All fun walks from here :)

Adz = 10 kms   Total so far 43.81kms

Sarah = 10 kms.  Total so far 43.81kms

Brandon = 30.43 kms.  Total so far 87.07 kms! Nearly there!

Have a great week everyone!

Week 2 - Done

Monday 15th Mar

Week 2 of our 96 km challenge done! Update:

Babs= 52.24 kms.  Total so far 98.97kms

Adz = 10.5 kms (Night Shift - will be lifting his game this week :).  Total so far 33.81kms

Sarah = 10.5 kms.  Total so far 33.81kms

Brandon = 36.64 kms.  Total so far 56.64 kms

Have a great week everyone!

Week 1- Done

Sunday 7th Mar
Lucky for us we sometimes get to exercise in the best bits of this beautiful state we live in as we did this morning! Week 1 of our 96 km challenge done! Update:

Babs= 46.73 kms
Adz = 23.31 kms
Sarah = 23.31 kms
Brandon = 20kms

Off to a great start! 
Have a great week everyone 

Cheer Squad

Tuesday 2nd Mar
Jet and Chilli- Adam and Sarah’s cheer squad loving the walks!

Wet Start!

Tuesday 2nd Mar
A wet start for us in Perth but Brandon and I managed to do over 6 k's in the pouring rain!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Solomon Hollett Lawyers

Well done Brandon! Very worthy cause, SHL are proud of you


Brook Rogers

Great work all :)


Thomson’s Xxx


Jake And Jacque


Mick Wilson

Great commitment as a family for veterans and their families!


Nicole Wilkinson


Nat Bird





Damian Baines




Benjamin Chitiyo

Thanks very much for thinking about others. We really appreciate the effort and courage.


Barbara Hetherington



Thank you all


Emma And Mal Mcgivern


Nathan Williams

Adam, this donation is for Barb, who seems to be carrying the team!



Go Barb and team!


Steve Fenney

Great effort guys


Chris Mcgivern


Lynette Mcgivern

Go Babsie!


Julie Bird


Deanne Ford


Ash Brinks



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