March for the Fallen


March for the Fallen 23-24 September 2022

The Australian Contingent currently deployed to the Sinai, Egypt are participating in an event and hope to help raise much needed funds for Soldier On.

The event we are participating in is the '28 Mile March for the Fallen' which is being hosted by the deployed US forces who form part of USBATT 70. It is an annual event that is primarily run out of the US and seeks to have satellite events run in various locations around the globe, with the aim of honoring the memory of service members who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their nation.

Our team will be conducting the 28mi/45km march throughout the evening of 23-24 September 2022. Lining the perimeter will be photographs of those Australians whom have paid the ultimate sacrifice in recent operations, as well as those that have since succumbed to their hidden wounds as a result of their service.

We'd love if you could make a donation to Soldier On today so our veterans and their families can receive vital support services to enable them to thrive.

Thank you!

My Updates

1st Milestone!

Friday 23rd Sep
Thank you to all our donors, friends and family, with your very generous contributions to our fundraising efforts in support of Soldier On.

We are pleased to announce we have already surpassed our initial goal of $2000 as of early this morning. A new goal of $5000 has been set, with the hope of reaching this as the event gets under way tonight.

Thank you for digging deep for a worthy cause.

It's March day!

Friday 23rd Sep
With just under 10 hours to go until the March for the Fallen commences, participants are making their final personal preparations for the event.

The Australian contingent has participants undertaking the event in both north and south camps, with the event split into two categories, Heavy and Light.

Heavy: full uniform and carrying 15.8kg.
Light: no uniform or pack requirement.

These categories aside, everyone's personal goal in mind is to cross the finish having marched 45km over the course of the evening.

Today also being a typical September in the Sinai; currently sitting at 36 degrees in the south and 32 in the north. With overnight temperatures likely to hover around 31 and 25 respectively, it will make the conditions a lot more tolerable on step-off at 2200 local time this evening.

Photos will be posted throughout the evening, so you can check in on our progress as we march in reflection of those no longer with us.

Please share our link and keep the donations coming and get on board to support Soldier On and their amazing work.

Donations update

Wednesday 21st Sep

Good Evening to our support team back home!

As a contingent, we would firstly like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all our friends, family and extended military family for having contributed to our cause in support of Soldier On. 

Our service in the Sinai is of great personal significance to us all; we have an immense amount of pride in the uniform we wear each day whilst deployed. We are also keenly aware of the responsibility we have as representatives of Australia in this multinational setting.

Whilst on operations, it is difficult to not be reminded of those that have come before us and importantly, those that paid the ultimate sacrifice and never returned home to their loved ones. For a growing number of veterans, the physical scars and hidden mental and emotional issues take a very high toll after returning home.

There is no doubt in any of our minds the march will be both physically and mentally taxing. The 10 hours and 28mi/45km of the march will provide each of us a unique opportunity to reflect on the memory of the fallen. Whilst our pain will be temporary, it will pale in significance to that held by the friends and family of those no longer with us, and those dealing with mental health issues after returning to their families and all that this entails. It also reminds us of the importance of our support networks back home, both now and when we return to Australia.

Please help us honour their sacrifice by remembering the fallen and please continue to share our link.

Any donation received is of significance to continue supporting an amazing organisation like Soldier On, and all they do for the veteran community.

Thank you again for your support.

Training session

Monday 19th Sep
With the last of the training sessions before the event having been completed last Thursday evening. The AUS team is ready to put their best foot forward, albeit with an abundance of strapping tape on hand and an equal measure of determination to get through the 45km this weekend.

The Fallen

Monday 19th Sep
My best attempt at compiling some of the imagery we will have on display throughout the march to honour the memory of our fallen. If you have any images you'd like displayed, please get in touch and I will happily put these up for you.

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