An empty seat at the table will sadly be the reality for many veteran’s families this Christmas

David has been gone for nearly two years now.

In that time, Julie-Ann has had to endure the passing of a birthday, an anniversary and right now, she is preparing to face her second Christmas without her son.

Deployment is a worthy reason for an empty seat - however, veteran suicide is unacceptable. You can make a difference today.

Please make a donation to our Christmas Appeal. Your support can help deliver more programs and services to our veterans before they reach crisis point, before things get out of hand - before there’s an empty seat at the table.

This Christmas more than any, we want deployment to be the only reason an ADF member is absent from the dinner table.

Also, please remember to check in on a mate, a loved one, a colleague this Christmas. Help them through what can often be an isolating time.

If you, or someone you know, are feeling like you need some support and guidance, please click here to download this free toolkit that has been designed to help you get through this time of year.

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can fund a coffee catch up session giving six veterans the opportunity to interact in a safe and supportive environment which is often an important first step in gaining the help they need
can fund a psychology session that will get a veteran who has been impacted by mental illness on the path to recovery
can fund a Pathways event, giving up to 50 veterans the chance to meet with prospective employers and gain valuable workplace coaching
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